Orange County

Orange County

If you are considering getting help at a rehab, Orange County, CA, is a good place to look. The bright sun, a stunning coastline, and parks meant for relaxation or robust activity are just a few of the things that this Southern California county is known for, and it’s also an inviting environment for those seeking health and healing through addiction treatment. But not all Orange County treatment centers are created equal: You need one that offers a unique, individualized approach to substance abuse treatment. Whether you live in the area, in another city in California, or in another state altogether, when you take advantage of the goal-oriented programs at our OC rehab facility, you can achieve more than you thought possible.

In Orange County, both men and women abuse substances that may be legal or illegal to take. Alcohol, prescription medications, and illicit drugs such as heroin, meth, and opioids are some of the most commonly abused substances, both in this area and across the country. According to a 2014 report that explored the use of addiction treatment centers in Orange County, approximately 4,195 people enroll in these programs annually. Of the people who were admitted to OC rehab facilities over a period of three years, 63 percent were male. In addition, although as many as 55 percent were non-Hispanic whites, people of all ethnicities seek treatment in Orange County. In terms of age, the group that most frequently entered treatment centers in Orange County were those 26 to 35 years old, but people of all ages can find themselves in need of assistance in quitting and recovering from drug use. No matter which demographic you might belong to, we can help you with our customized extended-care outpatient programs.

What should you look for in an outpatient rehab? Orange County treatment programs should be effective, have a professional and highly trained staff, and provide compassionate care to their clients. At True Recovery, this is exactly the type of top-quality care that our clients expect. We are an Orange County intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) with a structured sober living option. Our rehab facility is located in a 20,000-square-foot building in Newport Beach, while our sober living community is located in Costa Mesa. Both facilities represent the best that Orange County has to offer and are equipped with counselors who are dedicated to providing the necessary support needed for a successful and long-term recovery.

Taking the first step toward receiving customized treatment in Orange County is simple. Even if you have completed rehab in the past, we understand that relapses happen and that further addiction counseling may be necessary. To make your care as affordable as possible, we accept most private insurance plans, but you can complete our insurance verification form to make sure that your care will be covered. Then, give us a call to speak with an admissions counselor about how our individualized programs can help you establish and reach new goals and teach you how to cope with factors that may cause a relapse.

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