True Recovery: Orange County Sober Living

True Recovery has several Orange County Sober Living houses for your convenience. Following the successful treatment of one’s drug or alcohol addiction, the ultimate goal is to remain clean and drug-free. For some people, the idea of returning to their homes and their lives after undergoing the first stage of drug or alcohol treatment is a frightening idea. However, staying behind the walls of an Orange County inpatient treatment center may seem equally unappealing. For individuals like this, there is the option to stay in a Orange County sober living House.

In Orange County, Sober living programs allow individuals to enjoy many of the freedoms of living outside of a addiction treatment center while taking advantage of structured living and rules that reduce the risk of temptation. At True Recovery, we offer our clients the opportunity to take advantage of a highly structured sober living opportunity while they undergo drug or alcohol rehab at our Newport Beach Rehab & extended-care facility. Before deciding on whether sober living programs are a good fit for their addiction recovery goals, one should understand what to expect from this type of environment. Those staying in sober living homes must abide by certain rules during their stay. These rules include continuing their rehabilitation at an outside facility such as True Recovery, contributing to chores in the house, and remaining drug- and alcohol-free. Depending on the home, residents may also be encouraged to search for employment.

People who move into a Orange County sober living home cannot bring any drugs or products containing alcohol into the home. This generally includes items such as cough and cold medicines, some mouthwashes, rubbing alcohol, and products that may be used as inhalants, as any of these items may tempt the individuals in the home and put their recovery from drugs and/or alcohol in jeopardy. Clients who participate in these programs must confirm that they are not using any non-approved substances; this is done through regularly scheduled drug testing in Orange County. People who violate the rules or bring substances into the home may find themselves evicted from the sober living program.

Orange County Sober living homes, particularly those that are a part of the True Recovery program, are located in attractive and safe Orange County communities that are designed to ensure that residents are comfortable during their stay. They have many of the amenities that can be found in private homes, including washers and dryers, full kitchens, and rooms that range from private to semi-private. Most homes in Orange County sober living communities also include a television and Internet access.

True Recovery clients who take advantage of sober living opportunities can enjoy a streamlined and structured recovery process. Affiliated sober housing and our Newport Beach facilities are located in Orange County in Southern California. Clients who take part in our Orange County Intensive Outpatient program ( Orange County IOP Program) with structured living are kept busy with a number of treatment and skill-building programs. During your time with us, our counselors will help you find what truly drives you in life and will encourage growing that passion as a way to resist cravings and achieve lasting success after your treatments are complete. We offer workshops, addiction counseling, and numerous other therapies that can help you in your journey of growth and recovery. For more information about our Orange County sober living facilities, call today to speak with an admissions counselor.