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Truly Compassionate Care

At True Recovery, we truly care about you and your recovery. We are passionate and caring and want you to have a successful recovery in your seek for a better life, stable & addiction free! Call (866) 399-6528 Today!

Our Truly Caring Support Staff

Our Orange County addiction treatment team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced doctors, psychologists, therapists, and counselors that surround you in compassionate care. All staff in our Newport Beach Rehab Center are narcan and cpr certified.

#1 Orange County Rehab Center

True Recovery is different than other Orange County Rehab Centers. Our methods have proven to be an effective solution for individuals seeking treatment for the first time and for those who may have relapsed and require additional care.

The True Recovery Difference

True Recovery’s Orange County Rehab Center focuses on the individual with small groups and unique treatment plans that aim to make True Recovery the last treatment center you’ll ever need!

Orange County Pet Friendly Rehab

True Recovery realizes the benefeits gained by allowing pets. Animals help us release calming endorphins such as oxytocin, helps reduce anxiety, lifts spirits, lessens depression, provide comfort and creates motivation for clients to recover faster.

Orange County Sober Living Homes

When True Recovery clients choose to stay at one of our Orange County sober living homes, they are entering an environment that is both structured and supportive. Residents are expected to follow guidelines and are held accountable for their actions.

Orange County Addiction Treatment

Our addiction treatment programs are individualized for you and include CBT, DBT, EMDR, Holistic & Experiential Therapies, Pharmacogenomic driven Psychiatry, and more. Do you want a True Recovery? Call Today!

Yes! We take most Insurance Policies

Most insurance companies accept Intensive Outpatient Programs and rehab services in Orange County. True Recovery will do all the legwork for you to use insurance coverage for your addiction treatment. Call True Recovery today to verify your insurance coverage.

Rock To Recovery - Musical Therapy

"In Rock to Recovery clients work together as a team to form a ‘band’. The goal each session, is to write and record an original song and bond with one another through the healing power of music. No musical experience is necessary!

True Recovery: Orange County Rehab, Detox & Intensive Outpatient Center


True Recovery implements evidence-based practices that focus on each client’s individual needs in recovery.

True Recovery is an Orange County Rehab & Intensive Outpatient Facility That focuses on individualized Treatment. Drug addiction treatment centers have an enormous effect on one’s ability to recover from addiction. True Recovery offers a drug and alcohol treatment program that takes a customized approach and addresses the needs of the individuals who are seeking assistance in their recovery from addiction in Orange County. Traditional drug & alcohol treatment uses a one-size-fits-all approach, generally focusing on a 12-step-based program that has been shown time and time again to be wildly unsuccessful. With True Recovery, our drug abuse treatment programs and Intensive Outpatient in Newport Beach use evidence-based practices such as behavioral therapies that focus on each client’s individual needs in recovery.

True Recovery helps rediscover and establish realistic life goals & get to know the real you again. We Care!

While we do offer clients at our Orange County addiction treatment center access to group and individual therapies; including traditional 12-step-based work, our real focus is much more individualized. Through addiction counseling and one-on-one conversation, our highly trained staff of experienced Orange County drug & alcohol counselors & doctors help each client rediscover and establish realistic life goals that they’ve had difficulty achieving due to substance addiction. We assist each client as they work toward and begin to accomplish these goals while they are in the supportive environment of our Orange County addiction recovery center. Our intensive programs have been tremendously successful by helping clients to work on and reach their goals during their treatment with us and formulating a plan to continue this progress long after the successful completion of our program to insure a True Recovery.

By making goals that previously seemed impossible into reality for each client, long-term recovery is highly probable.

After the successful completion of our recovery programs, clients leave the safe environment of our addiction treatment center to re-enter their old life with new goals and ambitions. They may leave our addiction recovery center with a high school diploma, or they may be in the process of earning a college degree or starting an entry-level position on their dream career path. Others may be on their way to rebuilding their family, or they may have plans to create a comfortable life around any number of other personal passions. Although their stories and goals may differ, many of our clients come back to us month after month and year after year to boast of new accomplishments made possible courtesy of their recovery at our facility. For them, their addictions are a distant memory used only as motivation for their continued successes. Their results are not a temporary change or break from life’s struggles but a true recovery that lasts a lifetime.

Meet Our Primary Care Team

Doctorate & Masters Level Clinicians

Dr. Nishant Kumar, D.O.

Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Nishant Kumar is a Board Certified General Psychiatrist, Addiction Psychiatrist and also a Board-Certified Addiction Medicine Physician. Dr. Kumar attended the University of California

Pam Pudewa, MFTI

Primary Therapist

Pam Pudewa, MFTI is a Therapist with a Master of Science Degree from California State University Dominguez Hills in Marital and Family Therapy. She has a credentialed

Robert Dickinson, CADC-II

Lead Case Manager

Robert Dickinson, CADC-II has 7 years’ experience working in substance abuse treatment with a one on one approach. Robert went to the Health Staff Institute to become a

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